Immaculate Heart of Mary

Catholic Church in Huddersfield

The Parish of St. Joseph's Huddersfield

The Church property comprises an Edwardian well designed Yorkshire Stone Church built in 1915 ( designed by Oswald White) on two levels, the lower level being occupied by a Parish Hall with Stage, Kitchen and ancilliaries. Originally built as an Anglican Church it was acquired by the Diocese in 1953. The Church was re-ordered and tastefully redecorated in 1977.

The Church is sited on a very prominent corner on the Sheffield Road going out of Huddersfield.

The Detached Presbytery (formerly located in Kings Mill Lane) was built in the 1870's i.e. Victorian built with a neo-georgian Yorkshire Stone front was sited some 500 yards away along Kings Mill Lane at the side of the River Calder.

It was originally probably a Mill owners detached residence with allied stables and servants quarters in the outbuildings - There is also a relatively new Church Hall served from the main Parish built in 1968 which is sited some five miles away from Kirkburton.